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Pennzoil improved

speed to market by 6 times

with 72 creatives for 11 audiences in 10 days

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elmex activated DCO to successfully drive

upper funnel

media performance on video

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Coca-Cola automated the

production of 14,000 ads,

5 times faster than prior efforts.

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increased CTR +300%

on YouTube using DCO & personalization tools

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increased creative volume 41x

utilizing DCO & personalization tools

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Adidas achieved

12% uplift in conversions

with’s automated creative tools

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Nestlé streamlined workflow across

371 locations

to create local shopper with

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Virgin Media saw

36% uplift

in CTR across 800 variants with automated ad creative using

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Estée Lauder refreshed creative

9 times in 4 weeks

and saw +69% higher conversion

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Samsung increases ROAS 173% with

data-driven creatives

for the Galaxy Note 20 launch in Spain

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