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Case Study

Estée Lauder refreshed creative

9 times in 4 weeks

and saw +69% higher conversion


November shopping holidays in 2020 occurred within a short period of time. The ELC team wanted to deploy creative concepts that clearly aligned with each holiday using dynamic creative optimization (DCO). With these tight deadlines, the team needed to be efficient with in-flight content updates to ensure that the workflow was easy so they could remain agile and make fast decisions.


Estée Lauder partnered with to launch creative refreshes in a timely manner that personalized content across 4 audiences with 9 creative refreshes over the 4-week holiday season. Together the teams executed Test and Learn campaigns by defining hypotheses to guide the learning priorities. During the campaign the team identified top and bottom performing creative variants that drove optimization.



# of creative refreshes over 4 weeks


Lift in DCO-driven conversion rate

“Incredible what we’ve achieved [while] doing so much! On a great track.”

Chelsey Kavanagh
Digital Marketing Analytics Executive
Coca-Cola automates the production of 14,000 ads, 5 times faster than prior efforts.