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Case Study

Samsung increases ROAS 173% with

data-driven creatives

for the Galaxy Note 20 launch in Spain


Samsung wanted to expand their display ad activity to support the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 across Spain. They needed a quick way to produce ad creative with different messages for their different offers and audiences at scale. The goal was to increase overall sales while decreasing the cost per acquisition.


Samsung launched a new display campaign in Spain targeting prospects and retargeting select audiences. By partnering with, Starcom & Cheil, Samsung was able to escalate ad production and generate over 400 variations in under 5 days. They focused on product offers and customized creatives to show distinct messaging across multiple audience segments. Creative testing was put in place to measure which of the message variations drove the highest engagement and conversion among viewers. This gave Samsung creative insights for optimizing future campaigns.



Typical display ROAS

5 days

From brief to live campaign


Different banner versions   

By partnering with to produce and personalize the creative variations, the campaign launch time decreased from the more typical 6 months to only 5 days,  In that shortened time frame creatives were made highly relevant. As a result, ROAS increased by 173% in comparison with their existing display creatives.

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"We achieved our best ROAS within the fastest turnaround time."

Guillermo Barbera
Head of Media, Data & Loyalty Marketing - Samsung Spain
Esteé Lauder refreshed creative 9 times in 4 weeks and and saw +69% higher conversion