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Case Study

elmex activated DCO to successfully drive

upper funnel

media performance on video


Colgate's elmex brand wanted to change oral health routines within the German market across 4 key elmex audiences on YouTube. Each audience was at a different life stage and therefore had very different oral health needs. The goal was to increase consideration of elmex products among these 4 groups and position Colgate as a trusted brand, with their knowledge deeply rooted in the certainty of science. In order to achieve this goal, Colgate required a tool to effectively and efficiently deliver personalized messages at scale.


Using, Colgate created unique YouTube videos for each audience segment. Each video was complete with tailored messaging and content dependent on the need of the target consumer. A total of 25 dynamic ads ran across YouTube TrueView throughout the flight of the campaign. worked with Colgate’s creative agency to build a tailor-made, editable template for instant campaign personalization of the creative concept. This enabled speedy production, optimization and creative testing across YouTube, with full governance over the dynamic creative variations. The full list of Colgate audiences were then added using Ad Group IDs. Unique combinations of frame copy, frame clips and landing pages were served to those audiences to deliver the most personalized experiences possible. By supporting the existing media activation structure, ensured the successful launch of dynamic creative. During the flight of the campaign, Colgate used the reporting dashboard to determine which creative elements were driving campaign performance. These insights led to in-flight creative optimization and ultimately a post-campaign bank of creative learnings which proved DCO is an effective and versatile tool that can be employed throughout the marketing funnel, not just as a lower funnel tactic. 



Unique, targeted YouTube video ads across 12.6 million impressions and 4.8 million views. 


Of the YouTube ads performed above the VTR benchmark. 

Based on YouTube’s Brand Lift Study, Colgate experienced: 

+24.7% lift

Ad recall (vs. +20% benchmark)


Favorability (vs. +2.6% benchmark)

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