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The Platform has built the next generation Creative Management Platform, using intelligent automation to bring creative and media teams closer together.
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Our AI and collaboration tools marry your creative assets and storytelling with dynamic templates that output an incredulous number of formats.


Customize your approved creative at scale, using first and third party audience data to present the best combination of assets for each target.


Our algorithms tag and score elements to give you key insights into which creative is likely to perform and make adjustments while live.


One platform for all marketing stakeholders

Map your departments, geographies and agencies in, and assign permissions to each person so they can do their part to bring campaigns live.

Smart brief creation with asset management built-in

Recommended brand guidelines, fonts, and other reusable assets and resources are all available at the start of the creative briefing process. No more need to dig for prior assets every time you refresh a campaign.

Collaboration tools consolidate edits, comments and approval

Within, you can markup designs, mention colleagues, and carry out discussion threads on each campaign or asset. Save time and the miscommunication that results from jumping between platforms and assorted message threads.


Fixed and flexible elements support on-brand customization

Creative Concepts are containers built in with your brand assets. Each concept contains templates for any channel, platform or format. As your teams across markets deploy localized assets, brand standards will remain in place.

Intelligent automation of video and social ad creation

Ads need to be consistent across desktop and mobile, banners and video, and social & contextual sites.'s intelligent automation puts the right assets into the right container, from pre-roll video to native social ads.


Creative scoring, analytics and reporting

All assets and creatives that are produced and stored in are automatically tagged with metadata that includes content, colors, and more. This data underpins our reporting, optimizations, and content recommendations, ensuring users can understand not just what is working, but why.

In-flight optimization automates campaign refreshes

As campaigns run, uses real-time creative performance to automatically refresh campaigns. Our platform looks for and minimizes ad fatigue with fresh images and messages, and let's you know that the campaign remains on track.

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