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Case Study

Adidas achieved

12% uplift

in conversions with Ad-Lib’s data driven creative suite


Collaboration of central teams with local markets through a single platform to reduce complexity.


Ad-Lib automated 200+ creatives across multiple languages and channels with 20 days from activation to delivery. Adidas used Ad-Lib’s platform and dynamic shell to enable local markets to adjust centrally approved creative to better engage their audience. The central BU designed the blueprint by determining the ‘fix’ and ‘flex’ elements of the creative, ensuring design governance. The ’fixed’ elements were headline, logo and product positioning. The local teams could then ‘flex’ within these parameters. This enabled MX to include Maluma, a local influencer, who drove higher performance against centralised assets.



Uplift in conversions compared to standard banners

Dynamic creative delivered significant performance with a 12% uplift in conversions compared to standard banners. Including 20% Higher performance of localised imagery.

Virgin saw 36% uplift in Click-thru rate when they automated creative with Ad-Lib