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Case Study

Carolina Herrera utilized advanced Fix and Flex templates

to drive quality website traffic

while reducing time and production costs


Aside from walking the runway, few things are more challenging in the fashion industry than driving quality traffic to your website in a cost effective way. Carolina Herrera realized they needed an automated and cost effective solution to produce relevant, premium creative at scale while maintaining their premium identity.


Carolina Herrera utilized’s Fix and Flex advanced templates to generate over 200 ads from 11 base assets in just 2 days.’s platform also helped translate and deliver those ads to the correct audience and in the proper language across the United Kingdom and Spain. Best of all, Ad-Lib helped them reduce time and production costs while maintaining their premium identity and generating key creative insight which will help influence future campaigns.


+95% CTR

in the UK

+165% CTR

in Spain


ads generated from 11 base assets in just 2 days

" enabled us to scale our creatives effectively by building hundreds of variations, customized to each of our audiences, from just a few assets. The campaign drove extraordinary engagement, successfully beating our CTR benchmarks across Spain and the UK"

Ignasi Sanz
Global Digital Media Director, Puig
Coca-Cola automates the production of 14,000 ads, 5 times faster than prior efforts.