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Case Study

Pizza Hut serves up fresh and tasty

hyperlocalized ads

for each audience


Pizza Hut wanted to establish itself in a competitive market with relevant ads promoting its services on a hyperlocal scale, but traditional creative production methods took too long and didn't generate insights to power future campaigns.


Using the platform, Pizza Hut generated hyperlocal ads at scale while maintaining the Pizza Hut brand look and feel with advanced, reusable templates that featured different local restaurants and delivery outlets based on the time of day.



Creative variants


Uplift in engagement


Faster creative production than previous timelines

" is a gamechanger. Since we started running creative this way, we have seen our ad effectiveness grow 70%"

Jojo Trijoko
Performance Marketing Manager, Pizza Hut
Coca-Cola automates the production of 14,000 ads, 5 times faster than prior efforts.