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Case Study

Pennzoil improved

speed to market by 6 times

with 72 creatives for 11 audiences in 10 days


Targeting consumers at the right time with the right message is crucial as we know that 70%* of performance is down to creative. Pennzoil have Oil change coupons and offers to promote. They understand the various moments their customers are in need of their Oil change. Their challenge was how to build creative, align the creative message with these moments and audiences and launch within less than 2 weeks.

Solution automated the production of 6 IAB advanced dynamic templates which are available to be used across multiple campaigns, markets and audiences in future. Audiences were automatically pulled through and surfaced in the platform, allowing Pennzoil to instantly align their creative strategy and media. Creative content was assigned directly against the audience segments, producing 72 personalized variants within 3 hours.


3 hours

to produce 72 personalized creatives across 11 audiences.

10 days

from receiving the creative brief to going live.

6 weeks

faster to market, with production cost savings of  more than $25k enabled us to launch our campaign with the fastest turnaround to date. Through automating the creative production, we see creative edits within hours. We’re able to be agile, streamline our approvals & feedback, whilst retaining creative quality and be data driven with our approach.

Jill Noble
Global Integrated Marcomms Manager
Coca-Cola automates the production of 14,000 ads, 5 times faster than prior efforts.