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Case Study

Deliveroo provides relevant customer experiences through

hyperlocal ad campaigns

across markets


Relevant customer experiences have historically been a core part of Deliveroo's marketing strategy, but operational challenges, such as ensuring offers showcased in ads were redeemable in a customer's area or featuring local restaurants in ads without having to custom-build assets, made delivering valuable experiences at scale difficult.

Solution empowered Deliveroo to scale its hyperlocal marketing strategy down to the postal code. Creative assets were hyperlocalized and populated with location name, any valid promo codes, and up to four local restaurant or grocery partners available in that area.



To get ads live, down from 2 to 3 days, by streamlining creative production


More impressions in priority zones by increasing working media

Our hyperlocal marketing strategy has been instrumental to our success, and is a key partner in helping us scale our reach and creative effectiveness in record time. We look forward to continuing our work with them to bring the same relevant, on-target advertising to a multitude of highly differentiated localities.

Dean Weaving
Head of Display, Video, and Paid Social for Deliveroo
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