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Does Relevant Content in TrueView Ads Boost Performance?
Feb 7, 2022

Typically, about 75% of the TrueView In-Steam ad viewers in the US choose to skip an ad.

Why? Users are exposed to 10,000 pieces of content everyday. The way to capture attention and cut through is increased personalisation.

To understand the impact of personalization via relevant content in video ads that leverage best practices on completion rates, we analyzed our ad completion rates for 63 personalized YouTube campaigns generating 434,711,523 total impressions.

The result? Ads tailored to specific audiences utilizing the platform experienced a significantly higher average completion rate of 39%. This translates into an 11% improvement, for an average of 276,000 incremental view completions per client campaign. Furthermore, we identified a statistically significant positive relationship between the number of videos in a campaign and the average video completion rate, proving that personalizing campaigns with a greater number of relevant variants means better performance. 

Curious how these stats translate to a real-life campaign? Learn how elmex, a Colgate brand, utilized to launch a video campaign where 100% of the YouTube ads performed above the VTR benchmark.

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Like our content?
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