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Ad-Lib's First-to-Market Integration with Google Display and Video 360 Allows Marketers To Connect Creative and Media and Supercharge Campaign Performance
Sep 16, 2020

Nissan United’s Use of the Creative Marketing Platform is Exponentially Increasing Impact and Results


Ad-Lib today announced a first-in-category direct integration with Google Display & Video 360, providing the creative marketing platform’s clients with the easiest way possible to unify and streamline creative and media workflows, collaboration and communication and boost campaign performance. Nissan United, a part of TBWA/Chiat/Day, team, is the first to discuss the benefits of the enhanced solution.

“Until now, overcomplexity and lost-in-translation communications that result from silos and tool overload have been a big challenge to brand and agency success. Ad-Lib’s integration with Display & Video 360 addresses these challenges and presents users with a huge opportunity and several key benefits,” says Ad-Lib CEO, Adit Abhyankar.

For agency and brand creative and media teams that formerly struggled with complex processes and technology, as well as rapidly changing privacy policies, Ad-Lib’s Display & Video 360 solution allows collaboration between workflows and interoperability between platforms. This liberates the teams to do their best work in unison. It also boosts performance.

According to Nissan United Media Business Director Richard Fitzgerald, "We are very excited by the results we are seeing as we use Ad-Lib’s seamless integrations with Display & Video 360 and other Google products to connect audiences with the real-time creatives they love the most. It has exponentially increased our impact and results.”

Nissan United’s experience is consistent with research sourced from Google, Millward Brown Kantar research and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). BCG’s research suggests one of the biggest impediments to just-in-time marketing is personalization.

According to Rasmus Greve, Creative Solutions Lead at Google, “Our research at Google has shown that creative and media agency collaboration pre-campaign drives up to 1.5x better campaign performance over traditional siloed workflows, in which media teams are simply given creative from their creative teams.”

“In this post-COVID era, our clients’ marketing teams are being pressed to do more with less, and focus on the activities that drive competitive advantage,” said Abhyankar. “Ad-Lib’s Intelligent Automation ™ technology looks at all opportunities to improve creative via insight and automation. The Display & Video 360 integration provides even non-technical creative teams with full transparency of the media strategy at the most granular level so that they can easily align and personalize the ad creative to the audience segments they are buying — no mess, no fuss, no Display & Video 360 skills required.”

As result of the enhancement, Ad-Lib’s clients can now seamlessly update and align their creative anytime there is a change to the audience and/or media strategy, even while a campaign is in-flight. This opens up new opportunities for creative testing, countering creative fatigue and other use cases that require fast collaboration between creative and media teams.

Fitzgerald agreed, “The creative empowerment we now have is significant.”

The Display & Video 360 Integration is offered free of charge and is immediately available to all Ad-Lib clients.


Powered by Intelligent Automation™, Ad-Lib is a creative marketing platform used by global brands and their agencies to connect their digital design and media buying technologies. Marketers use Ad-Lib to supercharge the performance of their campaigns by managing all their assets and all their stakeholders in one place. Creative planning, production decisions, dynamic creative optimisation and creative analytics are all contained in a single, cross-channel platform to make it easy for marketers to run cross-channel and cross-border campaigns that are not just more efficient, but more effective. Ad-Lib has already earned relationships with 9 of the top 30 global brands. Ad-Lib’s proprietary IA technology has been shown to boost campaign efficiency by up to 60% and campaign effectiveness across the funnel by between 15% and 200% in comparison to baselines.

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