Creativity in real time

We use workflow and optimisation technology to make creative drive performance

Ad-Lib stores, assembles, delivers and optimises all your digital assets. We use creative to drive ROI.

55% time saving when using Ad-lib
69% production cost saving
10 days to get live with our full service

Our work

Creative solutions

  • Storage: of all your display, video and social assets.
  • Assembly: we use multiple signals to trigger dynamic creative in real-time.
  • Delivery: we align creative services and DSP buying to ensure accurate ad personalisation.
  • Optimisation: we refresh creative to avoid fatigue and optimise towards the best performers.

Real-time support and consultancy to align creative services and DSP buying.

Creative Measurement

  • Reporting on performance in real-time.
  • Multi-variate testing to identify the most effective creative aspects of your campaign.
  • Reporting dashboard customised for each client and based on campaign KPIs.

Exclusive optimisation support to drive your KPIs.

The Ad-Lib algorithm

Built to plug seamlessly into Doubleclick, Facebook or other 3rd parties. It is focused purely on your KPIs, and it understands:​

  • The performance of creative variants
  • Performance of creative elements
  • The contexts in which creatives are displayed

Identify the elements to test and
personalise the creative with

Generate multiple
variations and get the
test up and running


Why choose us?

Managed ad service

Always on support with a fully managed service.


Increase ROI and combat ad fatigue through relevant fully optimised creative.

Real time

We use real time signals to trigger creative messaging.


Ad-Lib Fully integrates with Facebook and Doubleclick allowing you to leverage their data.

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