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How to Craft a Creative Technology RFP
Aug 18, 2021

Choosing the Best Creative Technology Partner

Searching for a new creative technology partner? Have you asked them (or yourself) everything you need to know? Whether you're moving away from a dynamic creative solution or newly investing in data-driven creative, this resource will help you get a comprehensive view of each product you’re considering.

This guide provides questions to help you build your RFP including:

How will a new creative solution work with my existing tech stack?

Understand the technology's features and how it’s implemented will ensure results and timing meet your team’s expectations.

Can one technology cover most or all of my organization’s advertising needs?

Defining the scope the product covers upfront will help make sure the solution meets your team’s evolving needs.

What is the breadth of this solution's service and support?

Verify that people, in addition to technology, are available to onboard a new solution and support your ongoing marketing efforts.

What existing processes and problems does this solution improve or solve?

Understand how a new technology can streamline workflows and automate manual tasks so your teams can focus on what they do best.

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