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Ad-Lib's integration with DV360’s brand new API, allows creative and media to be aligned more easily than ever.

Ed Lyon
Nov 2, 2020
Product Updates

The vast majority of campaigns that we run use the media plan audience framework as the core creative strategy. It makes a tonne of sense. Loads of research goes into defining the core personas that should be targeted for each campaign, so aligning the creative messaging to be customised to these audiences helps drive relevance where it will make an impact, and it leads to consistency between the media strategy and the creative strategy. Of these campaigns, the vast majority use line items in DV360 as the targeting mechanism for this alignment, so it’s critical that the two can be aligned in a simple, painless, and error-free way.

Traditionally, the process of aligning creative to DV360 line items has involved getting a media buyer to go into DV360, copy and past all the line items into a spreadsheet, then copying and pasting all the names of those line items, sending the spreadsheet across to someone on the creative side (often passing through a few hands on the way), and then being copied and pasted into the creative feed. This process is not only slow and laborious, it’s also error-prone, and requires a lot of stakeholders just to get a creative strategy set up.

To solve this problem, we have integrated Ad-Lib directly with DV360, in addition to our existing integrations with CM, Google Ads, Youtube and Facebook. Through this automation, we can pull the line items (media targeting) directly into the Ad-Lib platform, where the creative can be aligned to them, eliminating a bunch of tedious manual steps, removing several people from the process, and ensuring that the ID’s are accurate and not prone to typos.

See the integration in Ad-Lib below:

What's next?

We can continue to build on this integration in a whole load of different ways:

  • Monitoring DV360 campaigns for new line items so we don’t get unexpected default spikes
  • Automatically assigning CM placements to DV360 line items to cut down fiddly work for media buyers
  • Automating complex DSP/ad server alignment to unlock additional targeting strategies that would be unrealistic to set up manually

Stay tuned for updates as we build more features and functionality with this integration!

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