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May 6, 2021

We won! was named Startup Of the Year by the folks at Campaign Tech. We are so honored to have been selected. To receive this award, our customers were interviewed, our plans assessed and our team queried by the judging committee.

We wouldn't be on this trajectory without the work of the entire customer team and our partners. Thank you to all who've gotten us to this point.

According to the judges, "We awarded start-up of the year for the impressive scale, strength of team and impact over a short period of time. The strategic approach and focus on product market fit and client retention has led to incredible results. We look forward to seeing how the investment in R&D shows up in the product over the next few years."

Thank you also to our clients around the globe - we are honored to be working with you to make your advertising efforts successful.

See the details of our win at Campaign Tech, and more about the award winners here.

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