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3 Questions CMOs Should Ask When Deciding on New Ad-Tech Solutions

Adit Abhyankar
Aug 3, 2021

This article was originally published in AdWeek on August 3, 2021. CEO Adit Abhyankar on grounding ROI in realistic metrics

As most CMOs will attest to, marketing is becoming a technology-fueled discipline, with thousands of tech solutions promising better results across creative, media and operations spectra. But how much is too much, and how should a CMO justify more ad-tech or mar-tech investments when each solution makes overlapping claims and ownership of success? And how do you manage new issues created as a result of a new process or the onslaught of new vendors offering what they claim are superior solutions?

I was talking to a prospect this week who faced this exact challenge and asked for my help with a decision-making framework to make the case to their CMO. Rather than simply building a business case, showing incremental value versus cost, I recommended they also consider the cost of complexity, something that is often ignored. This approach takes into account potentially destructive biases that hobble decision-making, increase risk and leave huge amounts of potential on the table wasted.

Read the full article and learn the three “gotchas” that CMOs need to consider as they assess new tech investments via AdWeek.

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