PROGRAMMATIC CREATIVE PLATFORM Acquires to Expand Creative Capabilities Across Channels

A letter from founder,
Oli Marlow-Thomas

Combining and gives advertisers the ability to deliver relevant and compelling customer experiences throughout their journey at any touchpoint.
Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

After many years devoted to furthering the creative impact of digital ads delivered via YouTube, DV360 and Google Ads, I am excited to share the news that will be joining forces with is the leading creative automation solution for social advertising. Through the acquisition of, will augment their solution for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok with Ad-Lib’s comprehensive suite of creative tools that innovate on the critical dimensions of workflow, automation, brand governance, personalisation and insight for enterprise customers in the Google environment. 

This partnership will enable and customers to future-proof their advertising strategy in both walled gardens and open web. By combining creative personalisation with multi-channel media buying, we empower our customers to deliver personalized ads, drive performance and offer a true omnichannel experience in a privacy-first world. 

The details of the acquisition are covered in our press release

Importantly for me, both the and teams believe strongly in the need for solutions that bring creative and media closer together. And we get excited about the same successes - be that a campaign that scales effectively cross-markets in record time, or a video that breaks all VTR records, or some other measure of creative effectiveness. This is as much about a joining of great people as it is about delivering customer value and capturing market share.

We see a huge amount of synergy in our vision and product direction, and it's clear that through the combination of our products and services, we are positioned to build something together that is even greater than the sum of its parts. 

Thank you for the insights you have provided us as supportive customers and partners! 

We look forward to your continued input to shape our ability to deliver increasing value to you and increasing relevance to your customers as part of the team.   

Read the Press Release

What we'll discuss

  • How to build a brand on digital
  • The ideal relationship between media and creative
  • How technology can drive greater, more measurable creative performance
  • Which brands are leading the way
Oliver Marlow Thomas
Founder & President
Stacey Edwards
Chief Operating Officer
Adit Abhyanker
Ed Lyon
Head of Product

What does our partnership mean for advertisers?

An even stronger solution that empowers marketers to use ad creative as a lever for performance

The ability to use c

Our combined technology enables marketers to create better performing ads without legacy tools that aren't future-proofed.

A more unified way to build relevant ads across channels

Dynamic creative capabilities across the Google & social

Together, and can help create and deliver even more relevant ads for every audience across both walled gardens and the open web.

The best combination of self-service technology and managed services

Uplift in performance

Our combined team of digital advertising experts and advanced collaboration and production technology makes it easy for teams of all sizes to produce premium ads at scale.

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