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How to Personalize Ads at Scale with Agility & Automation
Jun 28, 2021
Without an agile approach to digital marketing, your team may find it challenging to create relevant messages for every customer. In this webinar, we explore why marketers should look at marketing processes, in addition to technology, to make every ad experience feel like a 1-on-1 conversation.

Answers you'll get from our webinar with The Estée Lauder Companies and Shell:

How can teams free up time to take advantage of more opportunities?

Agile people, processes and tools help campaigns launch on time even with unexpected changes.

How can technology enable more personalized ad experiences?

Executing on a robust testing agenda with the correct technology will get the right message in front of the right audience.

How can new workflows streamline and scale production? 

A well defined workflow lets you scale production and focus on other essential tasks.

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